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Keeps in place, even in rough conditions


Safe and swift reading so you can set the right course

The SILVA Clinometer is a popular clinometer for all types of vehicles. It has two scales, one ±35° and a fine tuning scale ± 5°.

The SILVA clinometer is used for checking the heeling angle on sailing boats and for the power-trim check on powerboats. It is also a perfect working instrument for other applications, such as making sure that different vehicles and equipment sits “level” or keep the desired a angle.

For angles up to ± 5°, read the top precise scale, for angles over ± 5°, use the lower scale for readings up to ±35°.

Article number 35188-901
Graduation ± 5° / ±35°
Material Acrylic
Resolution degrees / mils 1° / 5°
Scales ± 35° and ± 5°
Size 10x80x100mm
Temperature operating range -20 to +60 °C
Water resistance IPX8 – Waterproof
Weight 47g


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