Service Kit Helm Quad Rings

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Seastar Helm Service Kit if you need the nut & key for attaching your steering wheel to a hydraulic helm.

Service kit for most Seastar Helms and Baystar helms.

Installation Instructions:

Remove steering wheel.
Remove woodruff key.
Loosen and remove the 3 Phillips head screws.
Remove top plate.
Remove old Quad ring seal.
Lightly lubricate new Quad ring seal.
Place new seal into position.
Ensure fully seated into groove.
Install Top plate and ensuring the CE mark is placed top dead centre.
Install 3 Phillip head screws, torque to 6-9 in-lb.
Using good quality marine grease, lubricate the steering shaft.
Install steering wheel and torque wheel shaft nut to 150 in-lb. Do not exceed 200 in-lb.
Fill and purge system free of air.

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