Seaflo Manual To Electric Toilet Pump Conversion 12V

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The Electric flush pump provides the convenience of an electric head without having to modify the platform or replace the head. The self-priming pump rinses the bowl while the waste pump macerates and evacuates the waste. Add the luxury of an electric head without the costly replacement and hassle by converting your existing toilet with an electric flush kit.


– Directly replaces manual pump assembly.

– Easy to install.

– Simple to operate.

– Dual action control allows water level to be varied.

– Suitable for use in above or below waterline installations.

– Built in macerator.

– Self priming up to 0. 6m(2ft).

– Waste pump discharges over an anti syphon loop up to 1.8m (6ft) and through hull fitting 0.9m(3ft) below the surface.

– Typical power consumption is less than 1.0 amp hour(12 volt) or 0.5 amp hour (24 volt) per day.

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