Salt Assassin 1Lt

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Motor Flush and Exterior Wash  – Concentrated Formula

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Salt Assassin attacks & removes salt safely from any surface. Flushing an engine’s cooling system with Salt Assassin breaks down and removes salt and corrosion, leaving it rust-free and protected. Water-based, Salt Assassin can be used safely on magnesium, aluminium, steel, copper, brass, plastic and all other surfaces exposed to salt. It will not strip wax or bond to surfaces.

Directions for use

Salt Assassin can be used to clean valuable fishing equipment and tackle. Do not flush vigorously as it is desirable to leave a coating of Salt Assassin.

  1. Flush your motor with fresh water.
  2. Switch off the engine and add Salt Assassin to the dispenser.
  3. Start the engine and run the motor until the contents of the dispenser has gone into the engine.
  4. Mixing Ratios
  • Motor flush: 50ml of Salt Assassin concentrate per motor
  • Exterior wash: 50:1