Seaflo Adult Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

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An All Round SUP for all sea conditions and activities, suitable for beginners from 60-90 kg to intermediate users over 90 kg.. This board is designed to quickly start riding waves. The fast rocker line and stable stance offer straightforward wave-catching characteristics and good speed, so you can focus 100% on the wave. It is a great board for paddlers with its generous volume making it easy for riders to balance.

305 cm x 76 cm x 15 cm
120kg capacity
Weight 14kg

The Seaflo is an all round SUP to be enjoyed by occassional SUP enthusiasts and from all the family members during a day at the beach. The Seaflo has an All Round shape, with rounded nose and flat tail, that provides great maneuverability and stability. The curved bow improves buoyancy by preventing the tip of the board from plunging into choppy waters, making the Seaflo perfect for sea use. The anti-slippery EVA deck offers a spacious walkable area and optimal grip, even when barefoot in the water. It is easy to handle and stable, ideal for all levels of experience and sea conditions.

The Seaflo SUP is a ready-to-use set, easy to inflate (in under 10 minutes), carry and store thanks to the practical backpack supplied: a space-saving solution equipped with all the accessories you need to go stand-up paddle boarding with peace of mind. It’s suitable for all levels of experience and build.

The deck has been treated with UV Resistant Coating for extra protection. The double-layer surrounding rail, with variable thickness, guarantees excellent performance during use and is easy to roll up, for a board that’s durable and easy to use. A bungee net, allows you to safely carry your gear when paddling.

The Set includes:

  • Removable Skeg Fin 8’’
  • Two Stable Fins
  • Coiled Leash 10 ft
  • EXA 120 Lt Backpack
  • Hand Pump with Gauge
  • Repair Kit

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Weight 14 kg