Corrosion Blok Grease Tub 454G(Cb-03-002

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Corrosion Block Grease is infused with groundbreaking new technology formulation. It is designed to provide maximum protection to corrosive surfaces under severe marine and saltwater exposure. This powerful and effective grease will protect fishing equipment, marine accessories and critical components for up to five times longer than most lithium greases. Corrosion Block Grease is compatible with most other existing greases. It has a unique non-clay base and will not dissolve when underwater. In addition, Corrosion Block Grease will protect surfaces at both high (272 Celsius) and low temperatures. Corrosion Block Grease is excellent for use on wheel bearings and as a chassis lubricant. Corrosion Block Grease exceeds NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute) requirements.

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