Bilge Pump 600Gph Subm. Automatic

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The Submersible Automatic Bilge Pump combines quality and ease of use in one device.

It features very simple disassembly for both installation and cleaning.

It has a built-in automatic float switch which activates the pump when the bilge water rises, thereby allowing the pump to operate even when the boat is unattended. The pump also features a manual test button that allows you to test the level switch as well as the pump. Additionally, it has a snap on strainer base making installation and maintenance simple. It is made of durable ASA plastic. The pumping capacity is 600GPH through a 19mm (3/4”) hose & 1000GPH through a 25mm (1”) hose. Fuse 3A, 4A & 7,5A. 12V & 24V DC. CE. With 2 years warranty.

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